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Have you been practicing gratitude and abundance? 

What would it feel like to just be…ungrateful? 

Who told you you were ungrateful so much that you have been trying to be so GOOD at being grateful? Why do you believe you need to practice it? Doesn’t being grateful just come into your body naturally? You feel it…it’s an energetic vibration. You don’t actually have to practice or try. But the moment you get used to wonderful things, or feel the emotion of desire, you think you need to practice gratitude every single time. It’s not that you don’t. I’m not the boss of emotions. In fact I have a worksheet that, whenever I do it, it changes things in my brain, and in the brains of my clients, called Abunditude…we write a list of things we once wanted that create joy and gratitude in our lives, and now have achieved or received and still want, alternated with things we want that we have not yet achieved or received.

But sometimes you get exhausted from feeling grateful. From seeking abundance. From trying to manifest, create, motivate, heal, self-care, self-love, provide, seek, journey, and be a light. It’s not enough to rest. It’s not enough to sit in awareness. How long can we possibly be aware? 

We somehow have come to believe that we can heal, change, and end the pain and suffering that has been carried by, at the same time as we embark on uncovering and bearing the roles and responsibilities of generations of our mothers, our grandmothers, and our ancestors before us. 

Who is teaching us that this is our generational requirement, and why? 

What if we are not required? 

What if we are not in debt? 

What if we are not owners of this? 

What if we have hallucinated this journey and our bodies are screaming at us to slow down?

Why do we feel the need to do it all, and worse, to do it all as individuals?

Is this why we feel so alone, unsupported, ungrounded? 

Is this why we feel there is no end to our efforts? No reward? No one to see us? No one to recognize our accomplishments? 

Is there accomplishment in healing, change, achievement if what we are seeking is a feeling? What are we ultimately seeking? Happiness? Companionship? Collaboration? Validation? 

The goal itself gets achieved, but the emotion is fleeting, so how can we practice gratitude AND abundance if abundance is an idea…a perspective…ever changing and ever out of reach? 

What is the worst that can happen if we are just…ungrateful? Unhealed? Lazy? Unhinged? Effortless? Late? Unreliable? Boring? Unorganized? Bad? 

What will you think of yourself if you are not the great, the good, the positive? 

What will release? 

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