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with your Body of Work. This is the only coaching solution created for creators - a flexible, ethical, feminine formula. Choose-your-own-adventure style instead of trying to follow someone else's blueprint, course, or program because our neurodivergent brains & chronically ill bodies demand the flexibility.No other coach; no other teacher; no other mentor has the magic of you.

Will this be your first contribution or your final?

It's time you show your Body of Work to the world.

It's your Certification - what will you do with your curated lifetime of experience, sweat, tears, and hustle?

 Get Started?  

Level Up?

Burn it down and start fresh?

Possibility belongs to you.  

Does your body have its own to-do list?

Does your credit card have insomnia from late night swipes and subscription addiction? 

I’m Karynn Elizabeth

Is your self-loathing and critical self-talk presenting as illness in your body? 

Is your physical and emotional suffering at a cap?

Does thinking about your past abilities affect your daily life, and get in the way of your business and dreams?

You are not alone. In fact, you are in really good company. 

There is good news. You don't have to be unhappy with your business or your life. You don't have to just live with it either. 

You can live beyond the numbers of your bank account.

This is more than manifesting. This is more than just ending the suffering. 

Turns out changing your business isn't the answer. Changing your brain is.

I am a Master Certified Energetic Creation Coach. I teach my students how to release emotional pain, tension and trauma, create solutions for relief, and move into a life beyond business as usual.

The simple principles are life changing.

Loving (not changing) your business will change your future.

I work with a limited number of committed individual clients and groups who are ready to live beyond the numbers. 

Love more of yourself. For good, for love, change your life. 


You're Invited to Access the only Coaching Certification Created for Creators with Neurodivergent Brains 

Body of Work​

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