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Build a Money Tree Every Monday

letterboard sign that reads Turn Ideas Into Reality
Turn Your Ideas Into A Side-Hustle

(archived program - now called Sold Out ID Lab)

What if you could turn your ideas into your own Money Tree every Monday? (What is a Money Tree? What does that mean?) It Starts With The Seeds... Imagine your ideas are the seeds... Not All Seeds Become Trees, right? But every seed has the capacity to become a magnificent tree. How do you know which one will grow into a tree if you don't plant it? You have to treat your ideas like seeds. Put them ALL out there. Every idea has the capacity to grow into a magnificent, fully producing Sold-Out Offer, but it has to go through all of the stages and phases of growth. You don't need to worry about what those are. Trying to plan out each stage is like trying to tell a seed what to do each day from seed-sprout-sapling-2 year old-5 year old-15 year old tree. Do you know what each of those days looks like? Do you WANT to be that detailed and involved? How dull and boring. Who wants to micromanage a seed?! Monday Money Tree - Build A Money Tree Every Monday (The Science) Every Monday (or whatever day works for you), we spend one day a week focusing on very specific and important aspects of how to:

  • find your own answers to everything

  • why it hasn't worked before

  • why it will this time and from here on out because of the permanent changes in your brain

(Remember, we have the exact method, backed by Brain Science and Energetic Creation t0 make sure it works - kind of like planting an apple seed in the correct soil mix + getting it placed in the right amount of sun and environment for an apple tree). You will learn The 10 Dimensions of Energetic Creation so you can quite literally create an answer for anything and everything in your life: 1. Your Brain, Your Body, Your Life Force and Energy Field 2. Your Conditions and Circumstances 3. Your Sentences, Emotions, Actions, Results, Canvassing and Harvesting 4. How They Work Together What do you have to DO? Your first week = absolutely nothing. Come lazy. Come unambitious. Come as you are. and let us bring the energy; the light; the water; the soil... YOU are the seed. We are the energy. Even without a single idea, you will Turn Your Ideas Into A Monday Money Tree

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