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What is one thing you would change if you could today? Here's how.

What is one thing you would change if you could today? Here's how.

You Created The Life You Have With Your Electromagnetic Field

You are Creating The Life You Will Have With Your Electromagnetic Field.

Your Electromagnetic Field is created 

by one unconscious Default thought in the form of a Sentence (a process of electromagnetic energy, both in the form of electrical current 

and electrochemical potential in the neurons of our brains) about an external Circumstance happening outside the surface of your body OR about a Condition or Central Nervous System Response happening TO your body in the form of a sensation. 

When this Sentence runs through your brain, it converts to one singular Default Emotion, like an electrical charge powering a light bulb on, giving light and some heat. 

Or sometimes, because we feel a spectrum of emotions, depending on the Sentence, it may feel more like an electric stove or heat and some light.

(Does anxiety, anger, or rage generate heat in your body, face?)

We experience Default emotions over 70,000 times per day because we think over 70,000 thoughts per day. 

Until we consciously decide to replace our Sentences with different thoughts, we will create the same life over and over, year after year.

This is why we feel stuck, but the good news is...we’re not.

Energetic creation is simple and permanent.

If we can feel destroyed in an instant, we can feel the opposite of any feeling we don’t want to feel in an instant, as well.

Deep Search Energetic Creation Coaching.

Mind. Body. Brain. Spirit.

Healing wasn’t meant to be a lifelong climb from suffering to survival.

We’re meant to feel the full spectrum of emotions.

When is the last time you truly felt 

  • Elated

  • Joy

  • Connected

  • Intimate

  • Honored

  • Self-Compassionate

  • Centered

  • Peaceful

  • Rested

  • Meaningful

  • Unconditional Love

  • Safe

The support of a Life Coach increases 

  • Speed

  • Impact

  • Awareness

  • Support

  • Community

  • Capacity

  • to become; to feel; to have it all.

You are a creator, created by a Creator to create.

xo - Karynn Elizabeth

Energetic Creation Coach

Create The Life You Crave With Your Energetic Presence

Find Out How - Free Mini Session

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