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What is Deep Search Energetic Creation?

Deep Search Energetic Creation is a flexible, adaptable tool based on the 10 Dimensions of the human experience as observed and studied by Karynn Collins, who obtained certifications at three coaching institutes before founding The Life Kare Institute and discovering The Search in the absence of a tool that fit the full spectrum of her needs and conditions, and diagnoses. She now teaches and shares the tool freely for personal use as well as offers a Certification for healers, energy workers, coaches, entrepreneurs, creators and humans who also find themselves looking outside of themselves for solutions and answers, so they can put all of their time, money and energy back into themselves and stop the exhaustion, dread and confusion as they settle into the clarity, rest, release and restoration that the Deep Search gives.

Mixed elements of brain and body science, coaching, spiritual guidance, art, teaching, mentoring, and thought work, Deep Search Energetic Creation explores 10 elements, or dimensions of the things that make up our lives.

Have you been looking for a course, roadmap or blueprint to help you, but you can't seem to achieve the results they promise?

Do you see everyone else reaching their goals, but you are still struggling to complete the program or finish the downloads and you're not seeing the results you paid SO much money for?

It's NOT your fault.

There's a reason you keep looking for answers.

There is a gap in the self-help industry. After buying dozens of courses, completing program after program, and mastering two Life Coaching Certifications, Karynn Collins discovered that gap because it caused some extreme suffering. Following everyone else's plans and letting them set the Goal triggered symptoms of the conditions that affect her body. She realized changing her thinking wouldn't solve it. She needed a different solution. Something deeper, but simple.

She turned her discovery into a program for herself and decided to teach it to her clients to see if it helped them, too. It created breakthrough after breakthrough.

Now she teaches it to everyone so you will finally understand you keep looking for solutions and answers....why changing your thoughts still isn't making you feel better.

In just the first week, you will experience physical relief and release the stress and anxiety that came with your previous attempts.

By the end of our time together, you will find yourself completing your goals, but above that, you will become the creator of your own blueprints and roadmaps.

How? You learn how to release undesired suffering and find the answer to everything, inside of your own brain instead of looking outside of yourself for validation and answers.

It's a simple organized structure that you're already doing.

So simple, it's just like learning how to ride a bike or memorizing a song.

Here is what you will know after learning the Deep Search Energetic Creation Coaching Method:

1. The answer to why it's not working

2. The answer to how you can get moving forward, without self-doubt

3. The answer for how to feel better

4. How to BE the answer for your family, your clients and yourself, without feeling like a failure ever again

5. How to make money from these desperately needed skillsets

6. How to avoid the risks of failure

More than anything, you learn how to leverage all of your knowledge, expertise, education and skills so you can create the validation, the blueprints, the plans and the results you keep looking to everyone else for.

You learn how to become the authority you believe everyone else is.

You learn how to produce self-confidence out of thin air!

You learn how to create courses, blueprints, solutions and promises for yourself because you become a professional self-healer, self-soother, releaser of trapped emotions, and manager of your personal life - you become so good at this that you can handle any conflict, any drama, any problem as it comes flying at you.

This is NOT

  • Deflection

  • Suppression

  • Self-gaslighting

  • Putting off your dreams

  • Changing yourself for other people

  • People-pleasing

  • Lowering your standards

  • Managing your thoughts

  • Thought swapping

  • Emotion swapping

  • Self-coaching the way a lot of us have been taught

  • A path to any specific dollar amount (unless you decide it is)

  • A path to any specific clientele or millionaire life (you’re the authority - you decide what your path is)

  • Get rich quick or even get rich at all

  • Wild success

  • Give your kids the world

  • Give yourself the world

I believe we all deserve access to a piece of the world, mild success before wild success

I believe we all have the capacity to become anything we want to be and in an unregulated industry, we not only get to decide what that looks like, we are responsible to self-regulate.

You will make decision after decision until you are looking back, realizing that you have arrived at goal after goal, not because you DID so many things or because you knew how, but because of who you are and who you became as you did it.

Let’s look at some of the things we go over in our certification

Your brain, your body, your central nervous system

Trapped emotions

The Post-Traumatic Search

How to release trapped emotions somatically

Here's the simple guide you'll ask your clients - this is how easy it is to get started on a Deep Search Energetic Creation. When we certify together, we answer these together, too. These surface questions allow us to use The Search to explore deeper. The magic of using the DSECC is speed, awareness, the ability to hold space, and the transformation breakthroughs. Post-Traumatic Searching is a principle we learn about and discuss. Post-Traumatic Teaching and Creation is a solution you will find to be incredibly effective. Email to request a copy of the full syllabus.

When you decide to become the creator of your own solutions, you invest all of the time, energy and money you have been shoveling out into yourself, and because of that, it begins to multiply. Your ideas become marketable. You begin to know who you need to be to obtain what you need in your career or business rather than “how to produce or sell”. You realize that you are not a machine or commodity, but a human, exchanging energy or goods for another human’s energy or goods.

The way you see the world changes forever, and so does your world.

Come begin your Deep Search. What isn’t working for you? Let’s start there.

Text READY to 725-277-5280 and we will begin together to co-design the life you deserve.

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