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How to Stand Out in a Sea of Competitors

Have you ever been to a Parade of Homes? I’ve lived in Southern Utah for most of my life where St. George is world famous for our the St George Area Parade of Homes.

In fact, my sons do the lighting and electrical work on several Parade Homes every year, and my brother is a builder…finishing them up for the Parade in February this year.

If you have something like this in your area, each home is exquisitely designed. As if you’re walking through a magazine. Many of the rooms you walk through are likely to end up in elite design magazines.

The contractors and vendors that participate in the Parade of Homes are there to showcase their services. Some have a Parade approved sign holding their business cards throughout the home, and some vendors are physically on site with booths or table displays in the garages as the patrons leave the homes. The job of every contractor or vendor is to capture the attention of the parade-goers. Everyone does this in different ways, but for the most part, they begin to blend together as you walk through home after home.

With so many contractors and vendors in the Parade of Homes, even in such extraordinary homes, in the most exquisite, high-end designs when seen on their own are unforgettable, they begin to become...forgettable. How can that be? What could possibly make them stand out amongst each other and why would you want to remember a contractor or vendor when you are just on tour for fun?

Because building a home is incredibly personal, and everyone wants to do it. Have you ever built a home?

I believe the contractors and vendors are missing the mark, big time. They are selling the WHAT and missing the WHO. Who they are vs what they sell.

They ALL build magazine worthy, design filled, over-the-top-fully-furnished-with surprise-features-throughout-homes.

They have bullet-point lists of WHAT they sell and you can feel how amazing it would be to live there.

And yet, when you walk through more than 5 of these homes, if none of them are really standing out, are they really using the power of who they are to showcase anything special about them?

What do they do that's different? For the earth? the economy? For the housing crisis? To end the crisis for rising rent? For homelessness? For diversity and inclusion? What is the difference in their building materials - do they have ethical building standards? Ethical business practices? What are they contributing?

I did this once. I built a home and entered it into the Parade of Homes over 20 years ago! We won awards for best kitchen and best lighting. We had a shoestring budget and we did a huge amount of sweat equity in the project. We painted. We cut and installed all of the trim. We traded for the furniture. We traded for some of the other subcontracted work. The amount of labor and love that went into the small home that looked nearly magazine worthy (for its time) was immense, and all done with two small babies under 2 in tow.

As advocates for ourselves, we have want to be the difference. We have to showcase, unleash and even continue to unearth what we are afraid to say out loud, what we dread to feel, and what we fear being seen for...not because we feel forced, but because we know it will help ourselves first, and our people second.

We’re not homes. We’re not houses. We don’t have perfect entries with pristine kitchens.

But we have ideas that need to be unhidden.

What's the first step when you can't get past the fear? It's opening the door. You don't ever have to reveal it all at once.


I help you design the perfect entryway for your business

Think of your business like an Idea Door Store. 

All of your ideas are behind your door. You have sooo many doors 

You have sooo many ideas. 

You do soooo many things! 

You want to show everyone all the things and all the ways to get in to your store and I get it! It’s exciting = you love what you do! You’re the BEST at what you do. You do it better, brighter, and you have more to offer! 

So why is is to hard to get people to see you?

You shine so bright! 

Why is it so hard to get people to understand? You told them all about what you can do…

They never called you back, but they said they would!

There is an art to what you do 

You need a shiny, beautiful foyer door so they can see why you’re the best, what you have to offer, and to lead them in to the incredible ideas and things you have to sell! You need ONE entry and it needs to be easy to open. You need one point of sale - one "cash register" and it needs to be easy for them to pay. They need to see how to checkout right away. If they can't pay or even get in line, they'll leave.

Can you step on stage without your best qualities, your gurus, your mentors and teachers, and unleash where you've been silencing?

Can you then make an offer to work with you and show them where to pay?

Is it that simple for you?

If the answer isn't a HELL YES, then you need a coach to show you how, and you need the right coach. You will make decisions, confidently.

You will stop suffering and feeling dread every time you want to sell.

You will know exactly how to show up even around friends, family and co-workers.

You can't afford for your voice to be quiet anymore.

Get your FREE Mini Session - you'll feel better in just minutes, guaranteed.

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