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How To Create Visibility, Joy, Money and Demand

a collection of Headshot portraits by Kept Studios and the caption How To Create Visibility, Joy, Money and Demand

Why do we have a scale for all of these, and who created the measurements? What is too much? What is not enough? Why do we limit our joy, visibility, money and demand? Who are we really limiting?

Hi! I'm Karynn C and I'm so, so happy you're here. You are about to make a huge shift in your business, even if you don't believe it yet. I'll help you get the belief, and to the shift.

I'd love it if we could chat on the phone, but if you're anything like me, you want info first, so here you go...

I'm ready to answer any questions and help in any way I can.

First, let me show you a tiny piece of what you're going to get. It looks like a lot because it is. .

This is your chance to get early-access to the Beta Version of Sold-OUT On-Demand before it is available.

My entire body of work - the podcast, every program, every coaching workshop, pop-up, training and program is inside this ONE container. One login. One membership. Lifetime Access.

How long this lasts is up in the wind - I don't know if I'll switch to subscription or sell each program on their own at some point, so you will never get a better steal of a deal than this. Because ONE program - just ONE was $5000.

Every program (listed below) PLUS everything I ever create after this in Karynn C Coaching will be added - it's available for a special LIFETIME ACCESS pre-sale for only $2000 today!

Let me tell you why this is an important decision for you right now...

Regular pricing is $111/month or $1111/year, so when I tell you you are getting access to ALL of this for only $2K, that is only the beginning...

ONLY YOU, my pre-sale Sold-OUT Members (WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT THAT MEANS) get Unlimited Lifetime Access to monthly releases of Netflix-style, on-demand classes that teach you everything you need to know to get fully booked, fully paid, and do it with JOY in your Coaching, Creative, or Entrepreneurial Small Business.

Every 45 days, a new class is released. About what? Let's dive in:

  • How to Quit Quitting

  • How to fix what's not working, permanently.

  • How to Get Clients.

  • How to Get More Clients and Create Demand

  • How To Get Visible With Reels, Carousels and TikTok

  • How to Turn Your Ideas into a Money Tree - on a Monday afternoon

  • How to Make 14k in 14 Days

  • How to have More Joy AND Money and delete the suffering and self-sabotage

  • How to Launch Local

  • The Self-Confidence Class

  • How To Create Love

  • How To Create the Schedule of Your Dreams

  • How To Create Your Own Blueprints and Roadmaps (and sell an adaptable version so clients don't burn themselves out)

  • How To Unleash Your Voice so you can Separate Yourself In Your Industry

  • How To Create Endless Solutions and Programs For Your Clients

plus a LOT of other classes that are going to up-level your business and personal life

because business always was personal. • As a Sold-OUT In-Demand Member, you get the Joy and Money Playbook - a 3 Day Workshop to help you create more Joy and Money in your life and business

You get the Sold Out In-Demand Offer Week - 3-Day Training to help you create more Joy and Money in your life and business

Sold Out In-Demand Offer Week - 3-DAY TRAINING

•The DROP Formula and 4-Step Harvest Sales Formula for infinite Offer creations and Sold-Out Offers that sell with ease

• You Get The Lazy Girl Guide To Small Business Success Workshop

•As a pre-sale Lifetime Member, you'll also get The Golden Portrait Formula - I teach you everything you need to know about taking and selling an Unforgettable Portrait

•The Karynn C // Kurrency SWAG Bag

•Everything you need to get started with Energetic Creation using the camera you have

•The Karynn C Swag Gear from the swag bag

•The Golden Portrait Formula for getting the ultimate posing and lighting - brand yourself

and take an Unforgettable Headshot and Brand photos - of yourself, by yourself.

You get over $10,000 value in programs, products, gear and swag!

PLUS If you Join Sold-Out In Demand in 2022, I will GIFT you...

6 months of 1:1 Coaching with me, Karynn C

where I will teach you how to make ALL of your $2000 back...

You Decide How.

Take your pick!

Your choice of the The 14K Gold Workshop - where I teach you how to make 14K in 14 days

OR the Gold Bar workshop so you can make your 2k back... on repeat over and over.

Decide Now To Become Visible, Booked and SOLD-OUT

The Notes...

THE secret to being fully booked, fully paid, VISIBLE and Sold-Out is to:

  1. Decide. A decision maker sounds so long a process-y. BE a Decider.

    1. Start now by deciding 3 things

Don’t make these decisions hard by telling yourself "I don't know" or sitting in confusion, and definitely don’t procrastinate.

Making decisions is a powerful act in your life. Here's what you are going to Decide:

1. To get on a Next Steps call with me

2. To show up lazy and unambitious without any expectations of yourself at our call.

3. If you get confused, have doubt, or think "I don't know", ask yourself "what if I DID know? What if I wasn't confused, what would I do?"

If you don't FEEL intuitively, inside drawn to continue with the call, no questions asked...cancel and move on. Our energies were not meant to cross.

If you do feel it. If you have come this far and you have an itch..a little curiosity..a vibe that draws you in, but there's a little fear, a little self-doubt that's keeping you from getting on the call, listen to that magnetism. Listen to the energetic part that is drawing your curiosity. The fear is normal. It's a default emotion that wants to keep you safe from unfamiliar territory. Keep you comfortable.

Now you have to decide. Stay comfortable or show up without any expectation, lazy and unambitious to a very chill, laid back call with a coach that gets it. And I really do.

I get it because I am you! I couldn't bring myself to get on Zoom, on calls, on ask for help. I couldn't do it. It was the hardest thing I've done in my life. Until I met my coach. She offered me space. Comfort. A place to just be. That is what I am offering for you.

There is no judgment. You have never in your life felt a safer space than this. Not only is there no judgment from me, but I will show you how to release your own. Your judgment, your inner are about to feel so much better because what you are going to get instead is love and compassion. Understanding for the first time, maybe ever.

Do you want something different? Do you want to feel different? Do you want to release emotions that feel...terrible? Do you want to stop loathing everything you do, feel capable of moving forward towards your dreams and create in a flow that never seems to end? Without comparing yourself, without feeling discouraged by your own thoughts?

You can.

You will. I promise that you will begin to trust yourself, to stop suffering, and to step into your own place in this big wide world of business. You will embody your own authority so you can manage your thoughts, your emotions, and control all of it so you can do what you want and stop trying to be so freaking perfect all the time. It's time. It's past time.

You were never created to be perfect. You were created by the Creator to create.

Perfectionism is the lie we tell ourselves and everyone else. Done is better than perfect. Seen is better than almost finished on the laptop or the closet or the studio or even worse, all up there in that pretty little brain.

I can't wait to show you how to UnBusiness your business and UnPerfect Yourself - how your B-, C-, even D- work is going to become the Body of Work that Sells OUT!

1. Because Art Can’t exist if we don’t show it to the world

2. The greatest collection of ideas…is in the graveyard

3. We have to Stop People Pleasing (trying to control everything outside of us) in order to move into our own Future

You are complete. You are worthy. You are already All you need to be.

Now you can become whatever you want to become, not because you have to, but because you want to.

I can't wait to begin with you.

How To Create Visibility, Joy, Money and Demand - What will we do together? Let's book your call!

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