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Walk Release. Roll Relief. Rock Love.

One-Click. Life-Changing Results.

FREE 7-Day Walk and Roll Weight Hate Release

  • Release the tension and trauma of hating your weight for decades.

  • Relieve physical pain and learn how to open up creative energy with guided somatic movement.

  • Accessible to many abilities - Karynn lives with limited mobility, and because of this, has created a gentle, guided somatic movement.

  • Release ambition. Begin lazy and ease into all of the movements with love and compassion for your body.

Hating ourselves to weight change hasn't been working.

Love your weight today, yesterday and in the future.

Your body will feel freedom to change when your mind goes first.

This Guided Walk and Roll 7-Day Release Includes:

Day One: Stretch Place

Day Two: Walk Release

Day Three: Roll Release

Day Four: Walk + Roll

Day Five: Walk + Roll

Day Six: Stretch Place

Day Seven: Stretch + Walk + Roll to Release

Ask Your Coach: Daily Coaching, Totally Free. Ask Anything.

Free Video Trainings On Demand:

7 Day Walk and Roll Release Guided Plan

Free Consultation Call - After the 30-minute phone call, you will have the framework and structure to decide if you want to continue with the Walk and Roll Release Guided Plan or join a customized program and protocol with one-to-one coaching from Karynn Elizabeth

Become a Coach

Fall 2024 Coach Training begins

Online and In-Person options

6 mo. Track for Coaching

6 mo. Track for Entrepreneur/Business Money Goal

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