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Build a Body of Work - it's Free

Living a picture perfect life isn't possible, but living a life from the im-perfect place we call 

Body of Work is.

If you had a vision of what a perfect life + business looked like, but somehow other people's courses got in the way of your dreams, there's a have been sold a dream by people who don't look like you, who don't have the same problems or brain as you, who wanted you to fall for their quick-rich, easy-money, diet-culture business marketing slogans. We all fell for them. More than once. 

I was addicted to buying programs, courses, downloads, blueprints...thousands of dollars of "education" full of fluff sits in my hard drives.. 

Society has conditioned us that if we buy it now, and upgrade for just $97 more, we can have results fast! We can make money right away. We can lose 10, 20, 30 pounds in 10 days; we can make 6 figures this month!They tell us we can, and we should...we must!

Someone somewhere has been telling you that you should appear a certain way to get what you want in your career; that you need to look a certain way to level-up, that you need the right gear, the right strategy, the right step-by-step marketing course...but is it true?

Did you believe them?

I did. For years. Decades, even. Until I was both a photography studio owner AND a CrossFit Box owner. I was training CrossFit classes at 4am & 5am,, then again at 4pm & 5pm and holding photo sessions everywhere in between. And you know I still had post-processing - that was happening at midnight until the sun rose. I did all of this while I was raising 4 young children...newborn, 4, 9, and 10.

I began to get sick and have chronic pain everywhere.

My body was never thin enough for me, and I hated it because of what I had been conditioned to believe about the female body, so I worked it too hard and fed it too little.

The pain was a message that something had to stop.  Eventually, it all stopped. And even today, my body has never fully recovered.

I had to go through hell and fall hard to begin to get back up again. It's only in the last 4 years that my brain has been able to compensate for the disability of my body.

I had to create my own solutions - what was out there wasn't enough and following other people's programs was leading me to dead ends and results that didn't work. If you know what this feels like, you can start to create your own solutions, too.

More than a decade later, I have created a massive Body of Work to heal, to grow, to help other women like myself, who couldn't stop looking for life, to change their weight, to make more money, to market, to feel better.

From all of the solutions, courses, programs and workshops I have created for my own business, I put them all together to craft

Body of Work.

A library of flexible formulas and solutions created specifically to fit any brain, any business and any heal, to create income...a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure, feel good,  Mind-Body-Brain-Spirit holistic approach to business and personal problems that is restful and motivating at the same time, depending on your energy; your mood; your vibe of the day; the season you're in.

You will learn how to create a specific, tangible, easy, measurable Body of Work that will solve the problems in your own life first.

Next, you use your formula to create solutions for your clients, then Market and Sell them to create the Business you've been Dreaming Of.

With 1:1 coaching devoted to standing out in a saturated market, Finding your Your Voice, Creating an Ethical Business, Marketing and Copy that is natural and magnetic, and restful, lazy methods that will pull in the clients you desire, you will get the tools you need to build from where you are.

Getting started? Taking a new direction?  Burning it down and building from the ground up?

I'm the coach who has done it all, from every level, myself and with every client - you will get guidance and coaching every step of the way.

Get FREE Access to Body of Work now.

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