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Ask Your Coach - Self Development

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How do I tap in deeper and quicker to my true authentic self and become her fully?

Ask Your Coach -Self Development


What about you is not currently your true authentic self?

What is not working?

Do you believe it's possible to become a fully developed authentic self ?

If yes, what does that look like?

Write down a list of all the things you believe your true, authentic self, fully developed, looks like.

Create a timeline.

When do you believe you should achieve this version of yourself?

Why do you believe you should achieve this version of yourself?

If you don’t achieve this version of yourself, what is the worst that will happen?

If you don’t achieve the true authentic version of yourself by your timeline, what are your options?

What does “tap in deeper” mean to you? Describe it in 10 different ways.

Notice your desire to go from where you are to where you want to be quickly. Do you find yourself in a rush to achieve your personal goals in other areas of your life? Why?

If you could answer your own question and be a coach to yourself, how would you answer it, as if you were coaching a client?

What do you see in yourself that is authentic and true? What is working?

What have you already achieved - considering times in your life when you were not living in your truth; not speaking up for yourself; not living in authenticity; not owning your authority; not standing for what you knew to be true out of fear or emotions; central nervous system responses (fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses); conditioning from society, upbringing or belief systems; or even a possible physical or mental health condition causing you to make decisions that kept you from being fully authentic?

There are many reasons we do not access our full authentic lives. If we haven’t been able to, or haven’t had the safety to, we have to practice being willing to feel uncomfortable as we do what we want to do or say what we want to say out of “authenticity”, even if we feel emotions like fear, insecurity, guilt or shame. Those default emotions stem from our default thinking…we’ve been practicing those Sentences for a long time. We have to start practicing new ones.

What are some Sentences you believe about yourself related to your authenticity and true self that create Emotions you desire - Emotions that feel safe and well in your body?

Those are the Sentences that need to be written down, placed in front of you where you can read them daily, or practiced out loud so you really do replace your old Default Sentences with the new ones.

One way to start is to write your Future Authentic Self a short letter.

Write a thank you letter from your Future Self to your Current and Past Selves. Start with a paragraph to your Current Self and talk about the deep gratitude you have for yourself that you took the current actions you’re taking (list them) and Sentences you’re practicing (include a few).

Write a paragraph to your Past Self - brain and body for enduring what you experienced and learned from, expressing compassion and releasing all judgment - giving unconditional love to the person you had to be to become who you are now.

Write it from the perspective of your Future Self - the person you are becoming. The full, true, authentic self who taps in deeply, regards yourself as the only Authority in your own life, regards your peers and teachers for the roles they have played, regards your clients for the journey they are on, regards your program for the many iterations it has gone through to become the Sold Out In-Demand program it is today, and regards your life as the dream life you once only wished for and dreamt of.

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1 Comment

Wow Karynn. I was expecting a quick answer, but you really took the time to go deep with your answer (which I value in you as my Coach) I feel like you peered into my life, past present and future.

I love the questions, and they definitely take me deeper to a place of awakening and self awareness.

I feel like my authentic self was called forward reading through your answer and that version of me is present.

I was feeling past feelings for just a moment earlier in the day resurface and that made me feel inauthentic, especially as I no longer feel and experience them as I once did.

A. I don't have the routine I want


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