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I realised today that this has been a limiting belief so I ask my Coach, Karynn to guide me out of this.

I have booked my theory test for this Friday. But I have taken many theory tests in the past. A grand total of 6 or 7 and I have missed my pass grade by 1 or 2 marks. In Secondary School (High School) I had this Teacher, Mrs Ruth, an older woman, a calm and a decent teacher. She told the class she passed her theory test on her 8th attempt. I remember thinking that won't be me...

Well, I am close to that prediction in my present.

I remember Mrs Ruth looked me straight in the eye and said, "But I never gave up".

I am not one to easily give up but I would like to pass, and I know I can.

I put in the revision and try different modes of study, too.

Please Coach me through this.

Warmest Regards

Ask Your Coach -Mindset


You mentioned a limiting belief, but you did not specify it. If you were to specify a limiting belief and describe it, how would you describe it to an actor who had to play a role and deliver a whole monologue about your exact limiting belief, but they knew nothing about limiting beliefs? How would you teach them about the limiting belief? Where did it come from? What is your first memory of why it began? Where in your life have you already re-decided to think or believe something differently when you had this limiting belief, but don't anymore?

Do you believe it's possible that the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves over and over become our beliefs? Do you see evidence how the story you are running through your mind about Mrs. Ruth are just sentences in your brain?

Now, we're going to use Energetic Creation to explore the SEARCH model.

Remember. Each Sentence in your brain is an electrical impulst that converts to a magnetic vibration that you FEEL in your body. This is what we call an emotion. Get very curious and very specific about these two things as we move on.

Let's separate the Circumstances (the facts) from the Sentences (the story/your thoughts), first:

Facts we can all agree on and we could prove with evidence as if in a court of law:

  • You booked your theory test for this Friday.

  • You have taken theory tests in the past.

  • You missed the pass grade.

  • In Secondary School, you had a teacher named Mrs. Ruth.

  • You have a current memory of Mrs. Ruth’s words “She told the class she passed her theory test on her 8th attempt” from an event that happened in Secondary School

You listed a few more things, but I would need some clarification on them to determine whether they are facts or Sentences.

Sentences/the Story, as told by your perception, your thinking process, a single thought, or a belief you hold:

  • You realize this is a limiting belief

  • Mrs. Ruth was an older woman and a calm and decent teacher.

  • You currently have the Sentence running through your brain “I remember thinking that won’t be me”

  • You said “ I am close to that prediction in my present”

What is the prediction you are making?

Why are you making a prediction?

Do you know for sure that Mrs. Ruth’s story is a fact?

What have you been making her story mean about you?


What do you want your results to be on Friday?

What emotion would you need to feel to be decisive?

What decisions do you need to make and what actions do you need to take to get the results you listed?

What emotion do you need to feel to take those actions?

What Sentence do you need to think to feel that Emotion?

Now, envision yourself as if you have just passed your exam. Walk yourself through this as if it’s a movie in black and white.

What is the emotion you feel?

What is the Sentence running through your mind?

Practice running that Sentence through your mind over and over.

Using Energetic Creation:

We create our Results with each Sentence in our minds, which cause us to feel an emotion, and this emotion drives all our actions.


Create 3 separate Models. Draw a circle. Put SEARCH in the circle and C on the outside. Fill in the fields starting with one single line and ensure that all lines are related to each other. Each Model should be in order - Default, Awareness, Expansion. You may only get to Default. Or only to Default and Awareness. Go as far as you can.




Central Nervous System Responses






Canvass (Ask)

Harvest (Receive)

Run as many models as you need with each emotion or Sentence.


What are you Canvassing (what is your current comfort zone) - Default Thinking Phase

or what do you Ask your Higher Power for - Awareness Thinking Phase

and what are you receiving (what are you used to receiving for yourself/the minimum acceptance)

Or what do you intentionally Receive, on purpose, from you Higher Power, in relation to what you asked for (Awareness Phase)

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