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Weight Love - Walk and Roll Weight Hate Release

  • 7Days
  • 7Steps

You're doing the most...

It’s Time to Slash the Shame and Live Above the Numbers. No time? No problem. This simple program features a week’s worth of gentle movements created to release tension and energetic stress stored throughout your body, all less than 15 minutes long. Squeeze them in between coffee and morning tasks, during your lunch break, right before you settle to watch TV, and do them almost anywhere. Start lazy. Release ambition. Start in bed, if it gets you DOing, but this is not about doing. It's for you to release the need to be doing and settle into your own desire to be, to allow, to release, and to become. Nothing affects your decisions about your life like hating your weight. What have you been missing because your weight takes up so much space… in your brain? You can live beyond the numbers of your body. This is more than manifesting. This is more than just putting a pause on pain. Turns out changing your body isn't the answer. Changing your brain is. Loving (not changing) your weight will change your future. ​ Love more of yourself. For good, you will change your life. What will change when you stop thinking about your weight? What if your weight is the thing that changes forever! You can’t hate your way to change, but you can love yourself everywhere you’ve ever dreamed of…even into the impossible. Equipment required: You. Comfortable, stretchy or loose clothing will always release more tension.

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