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You have tried everything. You've bought courses and programs. You've posted on social media. You have invested in the gear, the education, the time. Your body and your emotions are spent. One day you’re talking about how busy you are, sharing your favorite work, watching the likes come in, responding to comments, and the next, you're ready to end it all. You think about your body, the economy, your kids, your bills, your relationships...and it's all so..hard. It's affecting how you show up in your business. It can be hard to show up the way you used to, the way you want to, the way you feel inside. It’s not even how you feel about yourself, if you’re honest. It’s how you think everyone else sees you. I have something that will help you change all of that. There is a reason it's so hard to stop thinking about what you look like and it’s not because you’re self-obsessed or self-centered. There's a reason you have to try so hard when others make it look like easy. It’s all happening in your unconscious mind. My name is Karynn Elizabeth and I am a Portrait Photographer, Entrepreneur and a Life Coach. I have spent the last 5 years building a Body of Work to create the life and business of my dreams, which has created multi-six figure incomes over and over for me, and now I teach makers, creators and especially Portrait Photographers like you the subconscious reasons behind why you hate your weight, no matter what the number changes to (you hated it when it was lower, higher, and right now, right?), how to stop trying, and how to feel better, build a Body of Work, and create the change you've been searching for with greater speed and greater impact than you can achieve on your own, so you can enjoy life in a way you could never have imagined otherwise. You’re Invited - The Body of Work Unlimited access to Coaching with me, Karynn Elizabeth Monthly Goal-Based Coaching Weekly 1:1 Coaching Schedule $3k, $30k, $350k Possibility Money Goals It Starts Now.

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