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Stop Trying to Follow Other People's Programs. You already have all you need. 

Release stress and tension with

Photography +

Abstract Painting + Everyday Brain-changing fun 

 for Permanent Desired Change = Dream Realization >>


 Mind + Body + Brain + Spirit.

Beyond coping. Better than hoping. 

Your desires turned into actual outcomes. 

It isn't just healing or emotional well-being.
It's the medicine your dreams want to take.

This is a 1:1 convo between you and me.


Straight up, if it doesn't vibe or work for you,

I'll give you your money back.


Why? Because I bought all the things, and tried and tried. 

 But I am lazy. 

And tired. 

And, well, tbh I'm a hack. Always have been. As a photographer I hacked everything - shortcuts make the world go round for me, even more now that I am aware of my diabilities.

So that's what I made...

the hack version of what I needed. For the body I have and the brain I was given. Both, in need of accessibility, and both in need of some damn rest in place of the go-go goal-setting demand of the society and world we live in.

Here's the bad news - there is no such thing as one-size fits all.

So message me and see if it's a good fit. Your first session doesn't cost anything, anyway. But even then, if you don't see what I see in it, there's a money-back guarantee.

What is it?

Energetic Change Creation...your reality becomes whatever you want. Imagine a sold out concert with the most extravagant set: projectors, movie screens, fire, water, costumes, dancers, actors, full scale models of real objects, props, plants, furniture, accessories - anything and everything you can dream up, it will appear either virtually or in reality. 

This is the power of Energetic Change Creation. 

Your vision comes to life simply with the beginning of your imagination...
Your wildest, most impossible dreams become as real as the clothing on your back right now.

I didn't make it up. It has always existed. Philosophers, Prophets, Scientists, Great Thinkers and Teachers that you know and love...they are the Mothers and Fathers of what is Truth.
It's a combination of CBT, brain science, the science of the Earth, spirituality, and your intuition PLUS somatic movement and art.
I organized these truths into order, drew a circle and began to create a visual interpretation of how my neurodivergent brain needed to visualize the process that works to create change, and then added what I saw to be missing.


 I have "tried it all".

At least that's the story I had been telling myself.

If you know that story...if that's your story, too, then you will be able to use what I've spent the last 14 years desperately seeking to figure out. (and skip the desperately figuring it out for yourself part)


Are you, too, trying to figure out how to make money and create a business you love to share that will support you and your family, the very same time are you triggered by the thought of making too much MONEY, getting too BIG, having actual FOLLOWERS and CLIENTS, or talking about things that will get people uncomfortable, disappointed in you, or maybe even have them confronting you about your interpretation of art, spirituality, beliefs, or practices?

Are your body and brain filled with fear, "shoulds", "shouldn't"s or other thoughts that fill you with shame?


Are you hiding or stuck instead of shining and flowing?

It turns out I hid and kept myself paralyzed, and more than that I kept changing things in my life thinking that must be the solution.

 I've moved 6 times since 2015 and just typing that has me in tears


I had a beautiful portrait studio with a salon - 4 different brick and mortar locations and a total of 8 studios since 2009 counting my home studios

I've changed my weight - lost 60 pounds, gained 80, lost 50, gained 30, lost 30


And yet, one thing never changed. It was the constant everywhere I went:

my brain and body came with me, and I discovered eventually...

it turns out I needed to energetically create change psychologically, spiritually, and energetically not externally.

All of the external changes, while not failures or problematic, were unnecessary to facilitate change within my soul or relieve my suffering.

If this sounds like you...if you keep trying to fix your life and feel better by changing something externally, but you still find that no matter what happens, you keep seeing the same results, I have the best news for you.


It's not your camera. It's not your lens. It's not the hashtags.


It's not even your partner or your mother. 

I know you don't quite believe me, so that's why you and I are going to spend an hour where I'm going to show you how you can find what you've been so desperately you can actually feel better.


Not because I know how to show you what to do...I don't. I am still a human mess, I get it wrong, and I might not even be the right person for you - you will know and I welcome your candid feedback. 

Until you are ready to access the magic; the compassion; the love you've been handing out and paying to everyone else...I will give you this gift, even if for at least an hour, in our magical Energetic Reading and Appraisal.


Release your expectations. Come lazy. Come without ambition as you experience a judgment free space.


I will teach you how to give that gift to yourself. 

What does that do for you? 

It begins a release in your central nervous system so you can feel the soothing in your soul. 

Choose your soul.


If you want to bypass the Free Appraisal

and sign up monthly, this is the place. (it's included in the Membership - you'll still get one)

One-time-very-limited Membership deal for Founding Members of B.O.W. only for only a few magical members (when I feel like I've reached my limit I'll let y'all know).
This link signs you up for $77/week coaching. Yep. Only $77/week for 1:1 private coaching. Why? Because I believe so deeply in the method I have created and I am expanding and adding to it over the next three months - I want to give access to as many people as possible. 

It won't last forever. I'm not just saying that.

If you sign up at this price, it's yours unless you cancel. Period.



You're Invited to Access the only Coaching Certification Created for Creators with Neurodivergent Brains 

Body of Work

Where Do I Sign Up?

Does your body have its own to-do list?


Does your credit card have insomnia from late night swipes and subscription addiction? 

I’m Karynn Elizabeth

Is your self-loathing and critical self-talk presenting as illness in your body? 


Is your physical and emotional suffering at a cap?


Does thinking about your past abilities affect your daily life, and get in the way of your business and dreams?


You are not alone. In fact, you are in really good company. 

There is good news. You don't have to be unhappy with your business or your life. You don't have to just live with it either. 


You can live beyond the numbers of your bank account.

This is more than manifesting. This is more than just ending the suffering. 

Turns out changing your business isn't the answer. Changing your brain is.

I am a Master Certified Energetic Creation Coach. I teach my students how to release emotional pain, tension and trauma, create solutions for relief, and move into a life beyond business as usual.

The simple principles are life changing.
Loving (not changing) your business will change your future.

I work with a limited number of committed individual clients and groups who are ready to live beyond the numbers. 

Love more of yourself. For good, for love, change your life. 

Get JOY and MONEY Playbook FREE Click here.

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